Jan 8, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about what is hidden inside us. Much more often than not, inside each of us lies hidden feelings of resentment, jealousy, or fear. I have to say people of older generations seemed to have done a better job of hiding them than people do today. It used to be bad form to question any authority around you, now it is encouraged. It was not tolerated for a child to speak back against their parents, where it is applauded now. Respect seems to dwindle with each generation. Although we may have done a much better job of hiding those feelings we had of resentment jealousy, or the like, they did still exist. The lesson is this, everyone will have thoughts flow across our mind that are not positive and promoting. We learned just the other day how important it is to God for us to Edify(build up one another). So obviously anything tearing down or negative is the opposite of what God wants from us. When we have these negative thoughts going through our mind, it becomes very difficult for us to remain positive and build up those we are around, so we have to purposely train our minds to focus on the good, and minimize the bad.
We know God only wants what is good and pure for us, with our best interest in mind. Therefore anything He ask of us is for our own good. By applauding and promoting good things, and discouraging or downgrading bad behavior, we teach our children how to act. We also teach others how to treat us. We must remain firm in our steps that are directed by our Father. Always keeping in mind that He has seen our future and He only wants the best for us, so we can trust His direction above any others or mainly, our own thoughts. Holding on to feelings of resentment or hurt over the past does no good at all. It only leaves the door open a crack so that Satan can slip in and cause destruction. We have to be aware of that danger and protect ourselves.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from Too Blessed to Stress.





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