Jan 5, 2018 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us to encourage one another, in ALL THINGS. Not just the things that please you, but in everything. You might not care for a particular style of painting, but I can assure you the person who painted it, did so with love and they gave it their all. If you criticize the work, you are criticizing the creator. In our world today it is easy for people to sit behind a screen and bash someone else. Yet in person, they might never attempt to say something so painful. We live in a world full of criticism. There is nothing you can do that someone doesn’t find fault in. Especially on the internet. Lets stop and think for a moment, what a person is like who is raised with constant bashing. They would learn at a young age that there is nothing that they do that is right. Which can drive them to low self esteem and to no longer care or try. They become numb to the pain, and that is exactly what it is, pain. Your accomplishments are a part of you, and personal. Now look at what life is like for a child who has heard nothing but praise all their life. They are far more willing to reach for new things. They accomplish more work, because with it, comes that assurance that we all live for. Some might deny it, but the fact is we all live for that moment of praise. We all want to do the right thing and receive praise for it. Our Heavenly Father loves to give us praise. He is genuinely proud of us when we accomplish our goals. He wants us to constantly praise one another, over everything. If you don’t like for example a style of painting, you can always say you like that color, or you admire their determination, or work ethic. With a little effort you can give someone a compliment and turn their day around. Christ asked us to do this for a reason, to build one another up. A smile goes a long way when your trudging along in the gunk of life.
I have to say today’s lesson makes me think of my grand daughter Shelby. She has this direction down pat. When we go to a restaurant to eat, before we leave, she is asking for a store mgr, so she can tell them what remarkable service she received from our waitress. She tells the baggers in a store how much she appreciates their hard work. In this world of complaints abound, this moment of her time, could totally turn around a person’s day. I call that pulling a Shell, and it makes me so happy inside. Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from Too Blessed to Stress.






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