Jan 4, 2018

Jan 4, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us how we are to present ourselves to the outside world. This particular chapter in Phillipians is a letter that Paul wrote back to a church plant he had started while spreading the Word of our Father. Paul is the one who took the Word to the gentiles. Many have their opinions as to why he chose to do this. Some think it is because in his previous job, he would search out the people spreading the Word of God and arrest them. There was bound to be many who knew him this capacity and would most likely fear to trust him. A name change was helpful, but many had seen him in this capacity. As Paul was punished and jailed several times while spreading the gospel, it was a perfect time for him to write letters to the different churches he had started. Many did send him gifts and money to further the cause of our Lord. That support, and the idea that the people he had led to Christ, were continuing on with the need to follow the Lord, and spread the gospel to everyone, must have been so precious to Paul. The great commission, was the greatest desire of our Lord. He wanted to share God with everyone, and let them know the foretold Savior they had heard about all their lives, was real, and He had walked this earth spreading the love of God.
This particular region was drastically different than much of that area in the world, in that they allowed women to have power. This shows us that the Muslim way of life did not rule the area, thereby giving a church that spoke of Christ an opportunity to thrive. In this letter, Paul spoke directly to two women in the church who had power and followers, but did not get along with one another. Paul had to fear their conflict would drive the church to choose sides and split, thereby weakening the whole. So he called them out by name, asking them to call first upon what they agreed on, to bond their desire to further the Word. He also asked the church to help them get along. Many might wonder why letters from a church plant and a supporter of Christ could be important enough to be included in the bible, because this all took place after the death of Christ. The reason these books written by Paul are so important to us today, is they show churches and real people learning how to represent Christ. I don’t think there was a set time period that Paul gave to a new church plant, before moving on to a new area to begin another. It could be till he was jailed for spreading the gospel, and therefore told to leave that region as a part of his release. Ceasar had seen what happens when you kill a representative of God, so most likely he didn’t want the hassle and just said free him, if he agrees to go elsewhere. Each time his name growing in annoyance to the ruler.
These churches Paul started scattered all over the area grew in strength and numbers. The majority stayed together and continued to share the Word and the story of Christ, who is our savior. Paul’s letters to these churches were vital to the cause and gave the wisdom of Christ, to the situiation at hand. Each letter was held onto as wisdom, law, and final say on any particular problem they would encounter. Paul was absolutely filled with the love of God, and wanted to share the story of Christ, with everyone. The majority of the disciples who followed Christ around were average men of average intellect. Not scholars who could teach and write eloquent letters that would direct activity, and focus other’s attention on a particular mission from God. Paul was not an uneducated fisherman, he was very much educated. He chose to use that education for the great commission. Can you imagine what our world would be like, if we all used all of the knowledge we had, to further God’s will? What a very different world we would live in. Then imagine a place where all of God’s knowledge was used to make a perfect world. That is what Heaven will be. What a glorious place it will be.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from, Too Blessed to be stressed:




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