Dec 29, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about our relationship with God. Like a flower garden is beautiful for the world to see, it’s beauty can be locked away and hidden from the world, so that it is a private garden. With our relationship, others should be able to see that you have a relationship with God by your actions but at the same time they do not need to see the steps you take in order to have that. Then it would be something that you do to be noticed. You should have a private quiet time with God when you pour out your heart to him and commune with just Him. Just as others can tell you have a relationship with your spouse because you are considerate and loving of one another in public, yet they certainly don’t need to see all of that private relationship to understand it. There is no need to put on a display for others to worship and commune with God. There is a time and need for somethings just to be private between you and God.
God craves a relationship with us so that we can tell Him our heart and our thoughts, just talking like you do with your mate in your quiet time alone. Because it is private it is personal and special between the two of you. A bonding time, and I can’t imagine that any quiet time He has with us is less important as any quality time we might crave with our mate. How we worship in God’s house is more ceremonial and ruituialistic. Both have a time and place in a relationship and each serve a purpose. More than anything however is that by your actions, people can tell you have a committed relationship with God. In your daily walk, what do you do that might show a stranger that you believe that Christ is your savior? Not putting on a show, just your everyday actions? If nothing comes to mind, what does that say about your commitment to doing things as Christ did while on this earth? What could possibly be more important than a true committed relationship with God? Everything else is only temporary and will count for nothing in the end. What you have in your commitment with God is what determines your place for all eternity.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:




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