Dec 28, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us bluntly that if something does not work to help the Lord, then it is working against Him. A hard lesson for many to learn. God sees the facts, not how we might describe them skewed in our favor. God looks at the sum of our works, are they good deeds done to honor His way in us, or are they for selfish purposes bringing glory only to us in some way or another. We should seek to promote Him in everything that we do. It certainly wasn’t just lip service that he gave us in the death of His only child. He gave true, and it leaves us to ponder how much of our day is truly done to honor Him. Go about your day as usual and stop every few hours and write down everything you have done, then go back at the end of your day and think of each thing and evaluate if it was to better you, or to promote His love in action? Obviously we need food to have energy to do His work, but did you do something that will be about God’s work, or secretly was it to bring yourself glory? How often do we say we are sick of these fake people around us who pretend to be one thing while in secret they are fake and nothing like they want us to think? Then look at your list and see how much you did throughout your day that was to really bring glory to God. If it shames you, then you need to change it. We are told in the Word to do everything with our best effort, giving it our all, just as Christ did while on this earth. We have to have morality even in our daily duties, because everything we do, we do it for the One who made us. We claim to be Christians, so we are putting His name on everything we touch, we should vow to never lessen His name, or embarrass Him with our pitiful efforts. Do it to the best of your ability.
I speak as much to myself as to any of my friends who read this. I do thank you for sharing part of your day with me, please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling




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