Dec 27, 2017Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about the seal we are given when we ask Christ to be our Savior. No matter how small or how intense your faith is at that moment the Holy Spirit puts a seal over your life. You are the property of God. Think of it as similar to a brand that animals receive. They are forever more the property of their owner just as we are forever more shown as a believer of God. When Christ comes back it says He will hover above the ground, never standing on this earth again, and that is how we can be sure that it is Christ and not am imitation. It is important to read the Bible so that we have the information to protect ourselves from imitations. Satan grows in power as our earth becomes more led by sin. It has already been told to us in the word, that many will claim to be Him in those last days. We really need to have that knowledge to protect ourselves. We read about the future now in the Bible, just as did everyone did in the days of the Old Testament. They spoke of a coming Savior who would be the Son of God Himself. I am sure many thought that’s way off and doesn’t pertain to us, but then came the time for Christ to be born. Many doubted His true identity because they didn’t have common knowledge of the prophecy. They did have the excuse then that many did not read, and those who did, didn’t read several languages as the Word was in those days. King James did a great service to all of mankind, when he had all the scripture of the bible translated into one language so that every man would have access to the word. Not everyone could read, but there was a very healthy percent so that you could confirm what was being read to you by several people. King James wanted every man to have the opportunity to read the Word and people would not just have to take the word of the scholars of that time. Knowledge is a powerful thing, and in having the knowledge to read His word, makes us all accountable to follow the laws set forth therein. We need to prepare ourselves for the coming of Christ, and protect ourselves from the evil impersonators to come. Our Father has always only wanted the best for us. He has given us easy access to Him, with great promises for an eternal future. We just have to choose to be His and sealed to protect us from the evil of this world.
I truly do appreciate you sharing this time with me. I have truly missed getting in the Word the past few days. It does become total chaos around the holidays, so much to do. I hope you all had a fantastic Birthday celebration for Christ our Lord. He is the only meaning behind the season, and what it is all truly about. I pray God will bless you and your loved ones for the remaining part of this year, and the one to come. Thank you for sharing part of your day with me, please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:



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