Dec 22, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us how we as Christian’s have Christ living in us, and He becomes a part of us. Not as something we have been taught, but as having experienced Him in our life. We bring God into each new day, because He is a part of who we are, so that He can remain current for all time. Many things in our life we can be told to us, so we have knowledge of the subject, but years later how much do you remember? I remember my Freshman yr of highschool I attended school at my church, we received a badge of recognition when we could name all the books of the bible in order. Shamefully now I couldn’t repeat them if my very precious family’s lives depended on it. We loose what we don’t use, this is why Christ lives in us and a part of who we are forevermore. Every life happening, ever decision, every tragedy that occurs in our life, Christ is a part of it, especially when making decisions about your future. We don’t have to guess what He would do, we have detailed written word about His character, and choices. We just must simply take the time to get to know His word. Can you imagine if you were given a new cellphone today, but with no instructions. You could most likely figure out how to use it for your needs, but there would be all these programs at your fingertips that would make your life so much more, if only you were aware of them. Truly enhancing your life to a better standard of living, if only you were to have that knowledge. I believe that is where we Christians are as believers of who and what He is, we just have no idea all that He is capable of doing that would make our lives so much more richly blessed. When put in this context it seems almost silly to have His word, instruction guide, right here available to us and not take the time to read it and know all that Christ is, and can do in our lives. Why should we walk around with a blindfold on, when there is such an amazing world all around us. Get to know the power that is God. Get to know His will for your life. All of a sudden things will just click into place, and run so much smoother. Like a train that’s on the track, with guide rails that keep you in line and on your mission, the track is free of debris, smoothly prepared and ready for speedy action. It really makes us aware that we can be so much more if we only take that blindfolf off, and read the instructions.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional, please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:





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