Dec 7, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about temptation while on this earth. Just as we have to face a world full of sin and sinful ways, so did Christ. He chose not to give in to that human nature and instead follow God’s word and ways. We fall down on this mark, and at times just don’t care to make an effort to do any better. Some think that they have already committed sins that could never be forgiven, so why start now trying to be a better person. Then there are many who mean well, love the Lord and make effort to follow His word and deeds. Once we make the choice to except Christ it is something we willing chose to do and like a newborn we are pretty helpless until we read and study the word. When we are unsure of something, we can go back to the bible to seek answers. Thankfully it is something that stays with us so we can go back and refer to it when needed. I think of the centuries when the word was in languages that so few understood and had to depend on a priest to tell them a snippet each week in their message. There was complete reliance on their ability to be honest and tell the people they served the real thing because as we read scripture today we can easily see where a verse could be misinterpreted even with good intentions. So it could be easy for someone to bend the word to their point of view, or take a verse out of context. It is such a blessing that so many risked life and limb to bring us the Word in a language we can understand. Then it is up to us to set aside time in our busy day to read the Word and learn about the wishes and direction from our Father God. If you find your life is too busy for you to set aside time to learn of Godly ways, then you might find you loose the ability to do something that was taking up your time. For example a second job, or maybe a friendship that will pull you away from your time in the Word. We must truly give back to the Lord, or we might loose some of the gifts that He has given us. We aren’t owed a good life and good health, these are gifts from God. So we can’t be angry at God because we loose something that is a gift from Him when we don’t take the time to nurture our relationship with God. There are many genes that go into forming each person that is born, so that is why we are all so different. Any one of those many pieces of genetic code that are needed to make a body healthy and stable, could be slightly altered and the results could be completely different. Each child that is born healthy is truly a miracle and gift from God. So much could have gone wrong, but He chose to make it what it needed to be in order to shape that child into the person they become. Then it is up to the parents to make sure that they bring that child up in a healthy environment so they can be the best version possible. When we become adults or reach the age of consent, it is our responsibility to make the effort and take the initiative to put God first and learn how to be the person that we need to be. Following His word and ways and representing Him in a good light, because we are faithful servants to the almighty God who created it all. We will never be without sin in our lives and will face constant temptation. We have to make a choice constantly every day if we are going to do the right thing. If so, we are given many blessings and entrance into Heaven where our world will one day be perfect in every way. Can you think of any greater reward?
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:






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