Nov 25, 2017 Karla’s Blog
I hope my grandfather Kenneth Bilby is having a wonderful Birthday. Hoping the birthday card I mailed him will arrive on time. Happy Birthday Daddy Bilby, we love you.
Today’s devotional is teaching us about the true hunger for God. So many of us give it no thought what so ever, until a need comes in our life, and we want God. When you have a relationship with God, every day you feel Him as a part of you. I can’t imagine not having Him as part of my every day. Every meal, mid day devotions, bed time prayers. God is engrained in my life, so that it’s natural to turn to Him for answers, and advice or direction. I truly wouldn’t want it any other way. I remember when our last child left the nest. After having raised four through perilous adventures, mostly on my own, it seemed too quiet. I felt I had lost my purpose. I turned to James and he said that he knew this time was coming and was happy the kids were happy on their own but this is our time. Of course I knew this time was coming, I had just never spent much time thinking about what it would feel like. I didn’t know how to cook for two, which considering James appetite, that’s a good thing. James is a planner, where I typically fly by the seat of my pants. I had not prepared for this time. I grieved a bit actually, but God showed me that my usefulness was not gone. I still had purpose, just altered. He kept me physically able to take care of them as long as it was needed. My health issues could have started years earlier. I have learned to lean on God more and my eyes are opened to so much more than I ever expected. We often fear change because we aren’t sure what to expect. God has given us a glimpse into death and Heaven for just this reason. He has briefly given us an overview of end times as well. He has certainly done His part, we just need to set aside the time to read His instruction Book and prepare. God is a planner and has everything perfectly mapped out to care for His people. We only need commune with Him and read His Word. I can’t see anyone who spent time reading all He has done for His creation, could possibly not understand the depth of His love. The problem here is that His people don’t read His Word. The majority of the world us clueless to His majesty. Even the majority of those who claim to be like Christ as Christians, have not taken the time to read and know His word. Truly, I ask you, don’t you think we owe Him that much? Ask yourself what all God has done in your life, then what He has planned already ready for our future, and then answer that. When will come the time that you need God, like the air you breathe? When will we truly act like Christ, to earn that title Christian? Have you ever once put God’s commands over your wants? Ask yourself what if anything have you done in service to Him, that you did not get credit for? Truly, that no one knows what you did but God? I am sure there are things you have done in your lifetime, that you hope no one knows what you did. What have you done in service to others? Not that you need reach a quota in order to get to Heaven. Have you ever done anything, just an example of Christ’s love and devotion to us?
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:




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