Nov 8, 2017

Nov 8, 2017 Karla’s Blog
This is one very powerful devotional. I so wish that everyone in the world could truly hear these words and understand the meaning. Our country has become more fixated on any difference between themselves and any other, and any prejudices they feel. Some true, and some imagined. We are NONE any better than another. God created us all and we all have our purpose and mission on this earth. If you think that only people with your skin color, or your denomination of belief will have access to Heaven, then you will not be going to Heaven. God didn’t make any one of us any better than the other, none is more entitled due to the color of their skin, or the place of their birth. It is pure and simple; your belief that Christ is the Son of the almighty God, and His death paid for your many sins. We can never earn it, we can’t be born into it. We can’t possibly be good enough to have the opportunity to praise our Creator in person without believing His Son is your Savior. He suffered and paid the heavy penalty for your sins, those you have already committed and those you will till your last breath. There will be a time when everyone, ever born, will see that He is the Son of God, if not on this earth in time to save them, then at judgement when Christ returns and we are all called home. There will be many thinking they should have believed their ole grannies, or that witness who tried to share with them. It is absolute fact and we do have a choice where we will spend our eternity. There is no sticking your head in the sand and just not dealing with it forever. By not choosing, you are in fact making a choice. You never know when your time on this earth is done, so you can’t count on waiting till you are old and tired from all your wild ways. You have an opportunity to choose your side. I love the thought that all physical will be gone, and it is purely your actions that decide your fate. No prejudices will hold you back, you are a being, and you will be judged purely on what you have done, not what anyone thinks of you. I love the quote from the Word in Romans,  2:28 “a man is not a jew if he is only one outwardly”. We can’t pretend forever, we either are or we aren’t His, we either believe, or we don’t. Time to get off that fence and make your choice.
Eleven years ago today, I had open heart surgery. That is years I was given on this earth that I would not have had with my heart in the shape it was in. I see how much has happened in that time, I have five more grandchildren. I saw two of my children marry the loves of their life. Years I have been given with my amazing husband. God gave me this additional time, and I am so thankful. I want to see my Son become a father one day. I know his wife will be an amazing Mom, and he will be a loving Father.  Yet I live with intense pain every day, so that is a lot of pain to endure till that blessing comes. I see so plainly that the pain in my body has been an amazing gift though. I have been confined to this bed for close to 7years now. It has given me the time to really get to know God. I am so thankful for this gift, an eye opener to what really counts. People come and go from our lives, through time we see who they really are, and as humans they let us down and we see their priorities come first. Christ has always put us first and taken the punishment for our wrongs. He has never let us down. God has followed through with every promise He has ever made, and we can trust in His Word. He offers us a gift that His only Child had to suffer greatly for. A gift for everyone of every color, every nation. We could never be worthy yet He offers it every minute of every day,  till the end.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:






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