Nov 2, 2017

Nov 2, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us that what this world might intend for evil, God will turn and use it for good. The evil things that are not a part of God’s plans, something will happen to stop them, but anything that does happen is only because God allowed it. It is a necessary part of the plan for God’s will. He knows every move that will ever be made, so He can use it to accomplish His plans. The scripture today was talking about Joseph. His brothers were so jealous of him that they sold him into slavery. This could have led to the worst life imaginable, but God had a plan. Because of Joseph’s relationship with God, he was able to share God’s words and wisdom. God told him how to decipher the dream of the king, which in turn allowed them to store grain for the future and it saved them all from dying of starvation over the years when there was no food. I am sure those brothers certainly had no idea that in selling their brother into slavery, they were allowing him to end up in a place of power that was to decide, not just their fate, but that of the entire kingdom.  God had given Joseph the ability to understand the dreams of the King. Even more than that, He gave Joseph a heart that could forgive the horrible injustice done to him  by his brothers. Those years that Joseph was a lowly slave and sold beyond his control, were certainly far from the life of a favored son. He used the strength and knowledge he had been given to do what God needed him to do. The blessing was amazing and God gave him what he wanted desperately, to be reunited with his father.
There is nothing that happens on this earth that God is not aware of. He will use everything to His purpose, to make us all better for it. We can always count on the fact that if God is allowing us to go through it, that He will use it for good in His plan.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:




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