Nov 1, 2017

Nov 1, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us that to achieve greatness,  we must humble ourselves as children. In our world today we are surrounded by those who will do anything to get ahead, or noticed. They control our world and all the seeming power to be had. It is the lowly janitor at the giant high rise down town, who has achieved true greatness. He works along with no glory,  yet pride in his work, because he has Christ, he will achieve his place of honor in Heaven. For he is more concerned with doing the hard work and not what others think, yet people seem to be willing to do anything for their 15 seconds of fame. I ask you sincerely, what can this get them? When you are on your knees at judgement, how ashamed will you be? What will your answer be, when Christ ask you where your time and attention were? Will you be able to say you did anything for those lesser than yourself, that wasn’t to benefit yourself in some way? Tax write off’s and attention getters aside, what you did anonymously. We are not told to be humble, to hold us back in any way, but so that we can get attention where it will truly mean something. We have to remember Christ is all about giving us true gifts and acclaim, not taking away from us any opportunity. We can always count on Christ being totally in our corner. There are times we may not be able to see it plainly, but our Heavenly Father always wants the best for us at all times. The one time when we don’t have to doubt, or worry about any secret agendas. There is no betrayal and never a knife to stab us in the back when we aren’t looking. Humans are week and when the chips come down they see to their own first. People you truly thought you could count on till the end, will betray you suddenly, and without us knowing the reason or trigger. Sometimes we may not even know until years later. We don’t ever have to fear this when it comes to the Father, and Son. They want to share the most amazing things with us that we haven’t even been able to imagine yet. There is no cost, so that any can be denied. Just true love and acceptance of Christ as our Savior. I do encourage you to read the devotional today, their knowledge and ability to share what is needed is amazing. I graciously appreciate you sharing your time with me today.
Nov 1, that leaves us only 54 days until Christmas. Wow. 7 weeks that will be so busy, but I encourage you to remember what this season of giving is truly all about, as we celebrate when God gave us the greatest gift of all.





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