Oct 25, 2017

Oct 25, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us how much we need Christ in our everyday life. That relationship is most important,  least we grow stagnant and our fire for the Lord, starts to cool. The bible warns the rich most often. I ask you to think and compare yourself to what they had in an average life then, compared to what you have in yours today. I believe we would all consider ourselves to be much more wealthy than those in biblical times. I believe these warnings are meant for us. When we say, we have what we need, is a signal we are well off. We aren’t in need. We actually need, to be in need at times, because this is what drives us to that close relationship with God. We are talking to Him regularly crying out to Him for aid. When we have everything, we don’t stop and just talk to God as much because we get caught up in all that we have and let it take our time and attention. God should come first. We have to make Him a priority. If God gives us a good job and we are making ample money, but are not using it wisely, paying our tithes, or using it for silly things to gather dust in time, then He sees that we can’t handle our money properly. So this is what keeps Him from blessing you more. It is only when we grow in strength and knowledge of God, and are obeying His laws that He blesses us with more. This doesn’t mean that everyone with money is connected with God however.  Satan uses money as a tool to tempt us and draw us away from God. He knows mankind’s greed, and feeds that hunger for worldly things. There is a massive difference in financial gifts from God, and temptations from Satan to draw us away from God and Godly things. We need to resist the things of this world that are created to take our time with no benefit to any one, or anything. They are laid out for us like crumbs that lead a mouse to a mousetrap. They are just as dangerous, as they take you away from the only relationship that can save us from eternal destruction. Eternally away from God and all of His gifts. We need to prioritize our life, and make sure we are giving our God, His rightful place in our lives. There is certainly nothing that can compare to the benefits of that relationship. We must be smart with our financial blessings, and obey His Word.  Giving God first, back His portion, then taking care of physical needs your body has, like food, and a place to sleep. What might change in your spending habits if you had to justify every purchase you made? Would God see that you need the things you bought, or think they were frivolous? Perhaps we should all look at our budget for any given pay period, how much would God change? If you are not good stewards of your money, you might loose that good job in a layoff. You might wreck that pretty car that you just had to have. Then insurance is cancelled and so expensive you can’t afford it after you finally find a new job. Then you no longer can drive that car. It is then that you look at your budget and see all the things you have wasted your time and money on, then happen to check your mail that day to see a flyer from a Christian organization that tells you 4.00 donated can purchase a chicken for a family in a starving country and your 4.00 investment could give that family eggs every day, so they could have much needed protein. Or it could be funds that can provide filters for clean drinking water, to a place where the water has contaminated people with parasites and diseases. Can you truly say your budget is wise and giving back to God? Is God using you to answer the prayers of starving children? Be wise and give back to God, and He will bless you ten fold.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:





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