Oct 23, 2017

Oct 23, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about our natural state away from God. We are born in sin, and remain in sin unless we have an active relationship with God. Each moment that we step away, walk away, or just don’t intentionally and actively follow God, we slip back to our natural sinful self. We have to continually work at being close to God and interactive in our relationship or we will just slip back into old habits. It doesn’t mean that you necessarily stop going to church, or even being active in a church. We just naturally become cold, and hard, with a black heart. There are a lot of people who continually go to church every week but they aren’t focusing on a relationship with God, actively being part of a team. Still learning, still growing, still maturing in their relationship. We know it is no secret that there are many people who attend church out of habit, to be seen, or to stop gossip, but truly if you are not going for the right reason, you may as well be going to a bar. Yes there are hypocrites in the church and there will be till the Lord comes home. The church is a hospital for the hurt and needy. A greenhouse for those who are growing, a bottle for the infants in Christ. There is no perfect church on this earth because the ones attending it are human. No matter how dedicated we are to our relationship with God we will never be perfect. We will constantly grow as a Christian if we give it the priority it deserves in our heart and mind. God has to come first before your family, your work, your job, because we have these things because of God and He could take any of them at a moments notice. He has to be our priority and if your family, job, friends, hobbies don’t understand, then you have to teach them why. Be an example. If they choose to leave you due to your commitment with God, then they were not God’s plan for you, and you will receive so much better. God wants the best for His children, He watched His only Child suffer and die a horrible death so that you could have that chance. With God first we are actively involved and growing every day in our knowledge of Him and His plan. If we are stagnant and not growing, then we are reverting back and letting other things become more important, which is cheating you out of rightful blessings and that closeness we get only by being active with God in a relationship. Don’t go backward and loose what you have. Grow and learn, be active and reap the amazing benefits of being a child of God. Tell me what could possibly be better than the rewards of being involved with God? The benefits are literally out of this world.
I tell you this from my heart and experience, I have slipped back away from God in my past and my life was literally a tragedy of epic proportions, I let things that at one time would take my breath away at the thought, become natural and acceptable behavior. Once I hit bottom and got myself back in church and committed to my relationship, things instantly started to change. Although I deal with health issues, I truly have never been more happy. I am committed to my God and He will come first. I can never go wrong in this and I will never let worldly things become more important. I know it requires my participation or I would turn back into hard, cold nothing again, and I will not let that happen. I see God in everything around me and there is no better investment for the future. I want so much to share it with everyone who I encounter.
We had an amazing service at church yesterday. It was our last service with our pastor Kevin Miller. He and his wife Darla are leaving us for a different ministry. They are becoming house parents at Eagle Ranch, a boys home that our church has sponsored for many years. They will have a home full of 7 middle school boys. They felt God leading them to this ministry and I am sure they will change many lives in this capacity. We will miss his giant heart and touching lessons, but trust God will give us a new pastor to pick up where Kevin left off. #Hebron will remain strong because of the 150+ commitment to always put God first.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:




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