Oct 6, 2017

Oct 6, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is asking us if we have complete faith that God is what He claims to be. Can you trust completely with all your being that having trusted in Christ sacrifice and blood on that cross, that it was enough to allow you into Heaven? So many have that tiny portion inside their heart that has some doubt. That is the sinful human nature we are born with. We have to lay it aside if we are going to have the amazing relationship with our Savior that we desire. In our everyday life, there are things that keep us too busy to find time to spend in the word. We have hobbies, habits, and addictions that often come before our time with the Lord. Our lesson today is explaining how things that are not necessarily evil, can come between you and God. This is because we have our priorities wrong. Yes, we must work in our society, we must prepare food, and wash our clothes, but there are still hours in our day that we can give to God. If we make Him a priority constantly, the rewards are beyond our imagination. Others will notice, I assure you. You can’t help but be different. Your family will see that your priority is God and they will eventually come to be the same because that will be what they think of as normal, and good. What more of a legacy could we leave in this world, wow the impact. Isn’t it our great commission to go out and spread the Word, to share the amazing gift that He has for every one of us? That is our #1 job on this earth. Now many don’t find, or come back to God until after they have children. Even at any point if you begin to give a priority to God first, then family, and job, that will be seen and have a major impact on this world. We have to show the next generation by example, that whatever we like to do in our free time always comes after our time with God. If not, then an innocent Disney cartoon can become a hindrance to your walk. A baseball game with friends or family can become a hindrance. Please don’t let your yard work, or habits take all your time, till you are so exhausted you can’t learn about our Father God. I love my grandchildren more than I have time to even try to explain to anyone. I still have to make sure my time with God is my priority when they are here.  Which is much easier with the older ones, I admit. If you are caring for tiny ones that can’t be left without a watchful eye, then make them a part of your study. Tell them a parable from the Bible and let them soak that in as much as the cartoon characters they see on tv. Once it becomes your priority you will find a way. Satan will most certainly try to tempt you away, or cause a disruption, but stay with it, and you will see that your relationship with God will be so incredible, you won’t know what you did without it.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:




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