Oct 4, 2017

Oct 4, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about restitution. When we come to the Lord and make the decision to except Him as our savior, it is right to make restitution for the things you have taken wrongly. When your heart is right, you can’t help but feel guilt over the wrongs you have done in your past. Yes, God forgives you, but for your conscious to be clear of guilt over the sin, you should make repremands. It tells us clearly that if that person has passed, then we are to give the item or money to their heirs. Sometimes there is great humility facing someone you have taken advantage of, but to keep it from haunting your conscience you can send it to them anonymous. The point is to clear your conscience of any wrong doings in your past.  Of course we can’t take back actions, even though often we would give anything to rewind and do it differently. I know there are mistakes I have made in the past, sometimes even with good intentions, things go wrong. I mourn every day the loss of people in my life, when I cringe at the thought of how things went so wrong, because I was trying to do something good. There is no recompense for words or actions, therefore we should think before we act. I am certainly guilty of not using my God filter. Even though well intended, my actions have caused pain and that is not something we can make amends for. Although if possible, a word of regret does help us to make it right in our heart. The reason behind these request are clear, the bible shows us where Zacchaues repaid those he cheated by 4 times, and it allowed him to be free of guilt. So even though it isn’t written in black and white as a command, the bible shows us why it is important to do this. If we did not, we would carry that guilt with us every day, and it would steal the joy that you could have in your daily walk with God. So don’t cheat yourself out of a glorious relationship with God because you are prideful. Then Devine things can be communicated. Don’t we all long to hear from the Lord? Is there any one thing on this earth that could possibly  mean more than your relationship with God?
For me, this was a powerful message today. I hope it brings some comfort to your heart as well. Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:



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