Sept 26, 2017

Sept 26, 2017 Karla’s Blog
As I was writing my blog today, I received a call from my brother Rick, he had a heart attack and they had to put in 6 stints. Please join with me in prayer for His healing, and wisdom for the doctors who are taking care of him during this critical time.

Today’s devotional is teaching us about the power that is Christ our Lord. This earth is created, moved, swayed, destroyed all by His thought. It all revolves around him. Look at when Christ was born, the star led the wise men to His birth. Think about when He died on that cross. The earth shook and the veil was torn. When mankind took away His physical life, He only removed the stone and came back to His disciples to teach final lessons before accending into Heaven to be with the Father. God created this earth and gave it to Christ to rein over it. Not only do we not have all the pieces of the puzzle, we have no idea what it will even look like when it’s done. We have no master picture or map to follow. We have only the few pieces that he lets us join together along with what previous generations have added but it is not completed and it all can change at any moment by the word of Christ. People think often of Christ like some spirit form drifting in and out of our lives, but it’s time to see that Christ controls all politics, all religions, all of earth wrath from storms to fires, all to being about His will for our lives. We are created for His purpose and He has been gracious enough to allow us to continue on with Him to this amazing stage we know as Heaven. What a gift this opportunity is, and those who except Christ as their Savior will be there to see every part of it. We couldn’t even begin to imagine the greatness that He has already created for us, with our every need in mind. All the sacrifice and resisting of temptation will most certainly be worth it. Just as it is hard for a parent to explain to a small child what tomorrow will bring, it is that difficult for us to know what we have coming when we join Christ.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:




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