Sept 21, 2017

Sept 21, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about how important the sacrifice of Christ’s blood was on that cross. One drop would have been enough to forgive the world’s demons, but He gladly shared all of His mortal body as a sacrifice for our sin. Giving us the opportunity to share in the greatness of a perfect Heaven. Something so pure that we can’t even envision all that it can be. Christ suffered pain, scorn, and humiliation while hanging there. Let us not forget that it was man who screamed to hang Him, instead of letting a known criminal receive his punishment. They had a thirst for His blood, and that is what they received. Shaming and spitting on Him as He drug that cross up that steep hill to His ending gift of sacrifice for us. It is hard to even think about Him having to endure that, but the people were blind to who He really was. The many who followed Him around to hear Him preach the gospel were petrified to step forward and offer support. I am sure those who weren’t quite convinced yet that He was the son of God, were thinking why doesn’t He just stop this. Why hasn’t God protected His son. It would have only taken the thought from God, to have relieved Christ suffering. However we would not have an opportunity to know God with any hope of seeing Him at the end of our time on earth. God let his only Child, suffer greatly, and in order for all the sins of this earth to be forgiven, Christ had to take all of that sin upon Himself. The evil minds of killers, and perverts. The sticky fingers of thieves, the wicked thoughts of those who take from the less fortunate. Every vile sin of this world, Christ heaped upon Himself so that He could suffer the punishment for them. To the point that Christ was so full of the evil of mankind, that our Father God could not stand to look at Him for that moment. There will never be another who sacrifices so willingly to help those who hate Him. There will come a time however when they are being judged for their sins, and as they kneel before Him begging for mercy from the wrath of God, only having had a relationship with Christ will be able to save you. Christ will be there saying my blood paid the toll of their admittance. No amount of money, or prestige would ever be enough, no former power, no lies or maneuvering will work to slip past. This is when the meek lowly servant who was humble and overlooked for their Godly forgiveness, will be given their admittance. They will be given their crown of jewels as they walk on those golden streets to the place He has prepared for us. This loving God who created this world, will not be the loving Father so many hear about, but instead will be in judgement mode. The same God who destroyed the world because it was all evil except for one family on this entire planet. The God who destroyed Soddem and Gamorah but spared his servant Lot. Then when his wife looked back at the people she loved, she turned to salt because her heart was there with the evil. God has shown us His power many times. With His thoughts He created our world, and we should never take that love for granted. He gave us rules to follow for a reason and He expects us to follow them.
I look forward to the time when I can sit at His feet and worship Him. Listen to His every word as He explains the reason certain things happened, and what resulted from them.
Wow, I could get lost in thinking about Heaven. I certainly pray that everyone who reads my blogs every day, will be there with me one day. I often tease my husband that I will surely get there before Him, and that he will be able to find me at the nursery playing with the babies.
Thanks for listening to me ramble on today. I look forward to seeing you all there, please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:



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