Sept 15, 2017

Sept 15, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about the Fear and Reverence we should have for our Lord, God. I truly believe that this generation has complete faith that God is love. They no longer fear His wrath, but choose to only focus on the blessings that God has given us. They are truly amazing and can be overwhelming when you concentrate on them, but it is necessary to have a Godly fear. We really need to teach our children this important lesson first and foremost. When a child is growing up, they should  have a respect and fear of their parents. They never should doubt their love, but they should know that their parents word is law. In that same aspect, we can’t only focus on God’s love. I see this as a side effect of parents being friends of their children, then being parents. We must have a good fear that if we do not do as instructed we will be punished. There are ramifications to your actions and consequences are deep when you read in the Bible of those who did not obey. How can you truly love a person and not want to please them? Their needs should come first always, before your own. God’s law should come first before anything. Yes, anything. It is not your place to question if every word in the Bible is correctly translated, or the many ways a sentence can be misunderstood.  God said His word is Holy. Do you think with all his power and greatness that He would allow it to be misconstrued by mankind? This is the Creator of our world and He most certainly has the power to change the very words that are written on a page. He meant this very combination of words to come to us in this time. He gave us many different translations to better help us to understand exactly what He is telling us. However His meaning is always the same. God loves to be around those who are humbled before Him. He even told us He is a jealous God, and wants no other before Him. So He is demanding our first and foremost love and attention. Those are the people He will surround Himself with. Your knowledge of His manuscript does not impress Him. Your level of education bares no weight, it is the meek child of God who loves and adores his Father and yet fears his wrath, if he ever steps out of line. That is who God will have around Him. It truly all comes down to respect and so many have truly forgotten how to respect anyone. He should be put on His throne, His pedestal of greatness should be the best any world has to offer, as He deserves that.
Another important part of today’s devotional; Satan can imitate any part of God that has ever been seen, any actions God has made, however, Satan can never be all that God is. Just a tempting piece of a whole. Satan will do anything to keep you from a fear of God. Least you would always put God first.
I will leave it here today and pray that everyone reading this will have a feeling of love and respect when they think of our Lord. Thank you for sharing this time with me today and I hope you will enjoy this amazing devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:



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