Sept 13, 2017

Sept 13, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about following where the Holy Spirit directs us to be. He sends us where we can be of the most use. As party of the trinity, God head, there is absolutely a reason for every step He directs you on. If God directs us to a place for a purpose, who are we to ever question that placement? Who would know more about your life and what you can accomplish for our Father, God. It is hard to be away from the security of home where our family is and support system. However when God directs you, He protects you as well. It was very difficult at times living in another state from my family, most especially when I was a single mother with four kids. I longed for family gatherings and Mom’s home cooking. I longed for a reassuring hug from my Daddy, when times were tough. However God did surround me with friends who became a family to us. We always had nice holidays, and great meals with our newly formed family. God supplied everything that was needed, and I grew to be a fitting parent and representative of His love.  He never just throws us out there alone, to sink or swim. There is an absolute reason and complete plan in place before He ever begins telling us where He wants us to go.  We are a vital part of the whole plan that God has put in place. He had others there to lend you a hand when you needed it, just as He directs you to be there for the next generation. We continue to look out and over the ones coming up behind us. We have to mature in our relationship with God in order to do that. So it is vitally important that we take some time daily and devote it to God and what He is working on in our lives. Stay connected close so that you understand where He is leading you. We can’t do that if we don’t spend time in the Word and learning to decifer it’s meaning in our world today. Just as going to a new country requires a learning curve. Knowing the language and traditions of their culture.  God teaches us everything we need to know, before we are in need of that knowledge.  God plans ahead for every situation, and we can always count on him as he never leaves us.
Thanks so much for sharing this time with me today I pray you enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:



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