Sept 6, 2017

Sept 6, 2017 Karla’s Blog
I absolutely know that God designed me to read this message on this very day. I can’t begin to thank Him for all that He lays at my feet that I never recognized till later. He so perfectly gives me everything I need to be aware of His plan for me. It is sad that I wasn’t aware of the many gifts he was giving me throughout my life when I wasn’t in tune to my God.
We are told to set aside everything that touches our lives and to lay it in His hand. He will take care of every need we will have and put us where we need to be so that His perfect plan and will, can take precedence over our own. At times we may react to things in our natural way, be they good intentions or in anger, but God says do nothing on our own, but to lay it in His hand and He will show you every step to take. It is next to impossible to do this without training our mind to take these steps. Especially because we cant audibly hear His direction. Which leads us to take every situation to Him in prayer, and truly pausing to only do what God is directing us to do. Everything must go to God, then we take his direction on what to do. Never jumping up to just act, stop and pray. Lay it all out to God and ask Him to show you how best to serve Him, so that you are going with His plan and not against it. No matter how hard it is, we must bow to His will because he knows all of what is happening, and the plan for the future so His direction for your moves will help another to be on the path that God wants in order to bless their lives. When we have been in the habit of taking each step to Christ for direction, then it will become automatic and we can interact with a smooth transition toward His will.
This is the same in times of turmoil in our own lives. We can’t just let our feelings pour out, we must reach to God to direct each step we take, for we would act from emotions and needs, but Christ directs us from knowledge above all of that and with a specific reason in mind. Everything is for a purpose. Every tiny piece of the puzzle is important toward making the plan as a whole, work for God’s purpose. We will never reach a point where we can just wing it, we need that constant contact with God, surrendering all. All of our problems, all our hurt, all our good intentions or bad. All of our desires for our selves and our family. Total surrender so that you are purposely giving Him control over you at all times in your life. Yes, this can be miserably hard when what you desire greatly is within your grasp and it requires you to sit and watch on the sidelines as it walks away. God knows our heart though and what is right will come to pass. If it doesn’t then God has a very good reason for it not coming to pass. Our dependence on Him, and complete trust will be the road to our greatest happiness.
Truly I thank you for sharing this time with me, please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:








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