Sept 8, 2017

Sept 8, 2017 Karla’s Blog

Today’s devotional is teaching us about being in the world but not of the world. We must interact in the world so that we might reach others. We have to keep ourselves away from sin, but love the sinner. We should show we care about the person and not just their eternal soul. We should always be polite, giving, caring, respectful, and kind. We do not want people thinking those followers of Christ are not caring, or they are rude etc. We represent Christ and many times  they may not enter a church and this is the only interaction they have with Christ. So we must show His loving giving and merciful ways. We should develop interest outside of the church and its members. Those allows you to be in the world and others can see you are different. Not always actively trying to tell them about Christ, but your actions telling the story for you. God is trying to protect you from leading a narrow life that only is filled with Godly things. We have to live in this world. We must not think we are better than others, it is only through the grace and mercy of Christ that we are not that filthy homeless person so many turn their noses at. How many times have you heard “that church is full of hypocrites”?This is when we are given the opportunity to say the church is full of humans and as such, we fail at times. We can only slowly over time grow our churches not to judge others, for we all have sin in our lives and God sees all sin equally. Your gossip or lie, is no better than their theft for survival. We all have weakness and only through Christ, do we grow strong.
We have to be aware of social curtesies so that those who are in polite society don’t look down at Christians. Our mannerisms are what we are judged by.
It is important that we know stressful situiations, depression, physical limitations do not mean that you are without God. Sometimes we just need to rest and recharge, or perhaps be filled with a renewal of Godly strength. It is an ongoing journey toward God and we never know what level another is on, in their journey.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:






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