Sept 7, 2017

Sept 7, 2017 Karla’s Blog
Today’s devotional is teaching us about Love, real love.  Agape love which is completely unrealistic for us to achieve, but yet God ask it of us so that we will realize we can’t achieve it aside from having Christ in our hearts and actively in our lives. We are dependent upon Him in so much of our lives in order to strive to achieve the walk, that the Lord request from us.
Mankind has totally perverted the whole meaning behind love. It is very easy to say, and yet it never carries it’s true meaning when thrown around in quick or sinful ways. Most people are truly infatuated when they say love, or even when they marry. Infatuation lessens over time and can go away. Real love is for a lifetime. Vows made in a marriage ceremony are sworn covenants that we are making with God, not something easily exchanged for a newer model. The same can be said for the love we have for our children. We are given a mighty gift that is a miracle, not to be lessened by the fact that many are born every hour, each one is precious to God. He is entrusting them to our care, and it is a responsibility that we should all take seriously.  We don’t dump our children at the feet of others to care for, or in front of a screen to entertain, this is a privilege He gave to us. We are to bring them up and nurture their needs, provide what is truly needed, not all that is wanted. We are to teach them humility, and respect for others. Give them rules to follow and make sure they do. It takes effort on a parent to teach their children to respect their elders as well as things that are important to them. It is easy to pick your battles and let them run wild, jumping on furniture, or tearing up their surroundings. Screaming at their parents if they are not given immediate attention when they desire it, we have to go the extra mile to teach our children to behave and honor their parents.
My point here is that anything that is truly important to us requires effort and when we take the easy way out or be lazy, everyone suffers for it, but you mostly because you are losing your close connection with God. That bond of a relationship that takes effort. He has certainly more than given his part of the relationship and we are quick to judge if it is not how we think it should be. He knows the future and everything He says to us is for a very specific reason. There is a purpose for every word in that bible.
I hope I haven’t stepped on any toes today, this is what God tells us, not me. I have to swallow my humiliation and guilt for my share of mistakes as well. I am so thankful for a God who does forgive. His grace and mercy are beyond what we could ever earn on our own.
Thanks for sharing this time with me today and I hope you will enjoy this amazing devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:Screenshot_20170907-123007.png


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