Sept 5, 2017

Sept 5, 2017 Karla’s Blog
I do apologize to all my friends who might enjoy a boost of faith by reading my blog daily. I lost my Mom on Thursday night, and there has just been so much going on. My heart feels a void that she filled, as there are no more parts of my childhood left. I so loved Mim and I know she knew what she meant to me. My heart feels damaged but at the same time, I so truly feel such compassion for my step sister, Sharon. She has lived over there since Jan taking complete care of Mom. She is living on a mission now to do all the things that she was asked to do, and I fear when that is done she will feel this loss more greatly. Throughout all the pain of losing Mom and saying goodbye, God was with me. He granted my most desired prayer request, and allowed me to see my youngest child, Amber. I had not laid eyes on her for 7yrs, and all I could think as she walked past us to the casket to see her Mimi, was how beautiful she was. She didn’t choose to speak to me, but it was a giant prayer request granted and a step in the direction. I can’t even explain in words how difficult it was to not run up to her. Her husband smiled at me, and I smiled back, I felt that was huge. I will be thankful for this gift and praise God for it. When my world was falling apart, He gifted me my most desired wish. Now let’s get back to what we all need, a bit more understanding of what His Word is teaching us.
Today’s devotional is about faith. It is a glorious gift that we can give our Father. When evil surrounds us in our world, we have our faith in God to lead us through. We must be careful though to keep our faith focused on God and about God, or we could slip into a habit of having faith in our faith. That will bring us nothing, for faith without God, is just a word and it has no power what so ever. Our belief and true conviction that God is real, has the power to move mountains, stop time, and save our souls from doom. His power is real and He can do anything. The key here is remembering that God has a plan for our lives. Very detailed and whatever happens in the days you are breathing, He has a specific plan for each of our lives. He knows what it will take to get us where He wants us, and to do everything He has mapped out for our days. Every plan is to bring about the happiness He wants for us. What a giving loving God we serve.
I will leave us with that very powerful statement and ask you to please continue your prayers for all of those who loved my Mom and are still hurting. Please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:Screenshot_20170905-125453.png


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