Aug 31, 2017

Aug 31, 2017 Karla’s Blog

Wishing my friend Scott Pendergrass a very happy Birthday. The Air Force can be a very lonely place when your away from those you love. I truly Pray you have a great day.
Absolutely got a real spankin when I read my devotional today.  Man oh man did I feel guilty. It is teaching us that when we grow close to God and get that tight relationship with Him, we have a connection that is pure. You feel so close and so tight and your walking the walk, then you notice that someone else who says they are a Christian, but perhaps they aren’t at that same place in their walk that you are. Or maybe they have been in church for many years and their connection with God has relaxed a bit. The moment we start thinking, they claim to be Christian, yet their actions don’t show Christ first; that is the very moment you just lost your special connection with Him by judging another. We are to build up our brothers and sisters, help them get stronger and be there for one another like siblings of Christ, not judge them. We never know what has happened in their life to cause them to be the way they are. Perhaps they were judged, or hurt, or any number of things that might make them guarded. Or maybe they feel surrounded with scar tissue from constant pain in their lives so they just have a wall to protect themselves from more pain. We just can’t know what drives another’s actions. We all have bad days and we are all imperfect. We just have to constantly remind ourselves to stay on that path towards God, stay focused on His will and Word. The second we look away, we begin to drown in sin, just as Peter did while walking on the water. God is the only thing that can save us and the more we realize it, the more we grow. Truly then we have a happiness that just glows from us and everyone around you will know there is something different about you. Which gives you the perfect opportunity to share your amazing gift.
Whenever someone has hurt me deeply in my life, I try to think about their motivation. What made them this way, and then I can understand their actions and it makes it easier for me to forgive them. I know this doesn’t work for everyone, but it does for me. I can see plainly that because of my childhood I desperately wanted to be loved. I searched and searched and then when I thought I wasn’t worthy of it, I lowered my standards and settled. That only brought men who had less morals and drive in my life, to abuse my heart. I could not see it at the time, but I truly do now. My eyes are opened and that is because I broke that chain and I learned not to be so co-dependent. I found someone who truly loves me and if a man has a good relationship with God he can be the loving caring husband that women want. Without that commitment to God though it shows us that they can’t handle real rules obligations, and commitment. The bible teaches how to love your spouse. How to forgive and stay strong together. You can’t find a couple who has been married 50yrs that one of them does not have a close relationship with God.  That is the key to true happiness. When we lower our standards or rebel against our church and family, we end up suffering consequences for a long time. God forgives instantly but the results and repercussions last a lifetime and at times many generations. I used to not understand in the Bible where it said a family was punished for generations because of sin. Now I see that it is not that God is punishing them, it’s the results of their actions that they have to continue to deal with. For example if a man was unfaithful to his wife. He might realize his mistake and go to his wife confess and try to make the relationship good again and honor her the way he should. That wife may forgive him but she will be cautious about his words, find it hard to trust him. The children would grow up with this tension between the parents and the daughter might say she will be careful whom she chooses to let in her life, and the son might think my dad is a good man yet he chose immoral sex, so I can do that too and then later say I am sorry if I get caught. So in this way the next generation pays for the sins of the father.  That sons marriage would be weak and not built on Godly actions so his children will not see Godly actions at home. No standards by which to lead them, or a chance to be all they can be with God. So the next generation is suffering as well.
God is always here for us and willing to forgive our sins when we go to Him  and want to change our lives. He can help rebuild your character into a better person. We could not ask for a more loving and giving God. When we really break stuff down it all leads us back to our relationship with God.
Thanks for sharing this time with me today. If you made it past my rambling ,  I am grateful and hope you saw something in this message. Please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:



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