Aug 27, 2017

Aug 27, 2017 Karla’s Blog

Today’s devotional is teaching us to be humble, to rid our selves of self confidence, because when we are so assured of ourselves, we forget to lean on God. This is why often times we are not healed of health issues, because then we learn to lean on others and we get closer to God as we go to Him in prayer and humility.  It is the humble and meek who inherit the kingdom, not the boisterous,  smug, confident people who can accomplish so much on their own. Truly, I say to you, the more we loose here on earth, the more we gain in Heaven. Our hearts and minds are to be focused on our Fathers work, and not our own. Building up His kingdom and His storehouse, not our pantry or bank account. God will provide what we need. Which is not to be confused with what we want. We are each here to serve a purpose and everything we endure in our lives is shaping us to be able to do that job. When we are no longer able to be of use to our father here on earth, that is when He takes us home. We need to not be angry that God is not healing our body, but instead He is getting us out of this evil world. We should be peaceful in the knowledge we have done our Father’s task, that He needed us for, and now we get to go home. Never more to hurt or suffer again. It is that fear of not knowing what will come that scares so many of us. We know the creator loves us and will welcome us into the gates. We could never be good enough on our own, but He has pardoned our soul from our sin and has the gates open for us. We can celebrate and get excited,  because there is nothing greater on this earth than getting to know God. The more we learn, the more we will want to learn. What could be more amazing than our Father God?
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me. I hope you will enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:Screenshot_20170827-112731.png


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