Aug 21, 2017

Aug 21, 2017 Karla’s Blog
A huge Happy 30th to my son Michael. I truly feel like he is such a wonderful man and the world is better for having him in it. I might have a slight bias however. We had a wonderful time at his birthday party last night.
The devotional really spoke to me today. I knew that some of this needs to be written on a post it note, and stuck to my forehead so I won’t forget. I think it is important to remember that as long as we are building, we are not built. When we stop then, the Holy Spirit adds us to Christ, making us all united as the foundation. We often hear when there are two or more, gathered that God is in the midst, but with just one person God will make it His house and live in us. I will dwell in them and them in me. This was huge to me, that as Christian’s we are like the church, and that He is the place where we learn the correct way, and He is always our sanctuary. Each of us has in us a holy of holies, the holy place, and the outer court, but in all of our body, His glory and holiness are to be seen. God should be so at home in us that he is comfortable and knows this is His body and mind to rule as He sees fit. Sometimes He changes us into a gathering place, and we hear praise and thanksgiving. Sometimes we are a battlefield, and the Lord brings war, as we fight off the evil that battles to come in and take possession of us.
We have to remember there are different rooms in each of us and we can see that grace, strength, and love, are a part of us because we brought God inside of us. We should know that God made our bodies and it isn’t our place to find fault in His creations. Each of us are what we are for a reason. In that same way the church is His body and we should not look to find fault in our church or it’s members. He alone has that ability. Christans’ have long seen themselves as members of the church, but the bible says we are members of his body, and He is the church. We might be the ones responsible for our church business, but we can never forget that this belongs only to God. We are here to do His work for His glory. We are possessions of the Lord. Thanks for sharing part of your day with me. Please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:

The stone which the builders refused is become the headstone of the corner. This is the LORD’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes. PSALM 118:22-23 The way in which we are brought unto the Lord Jesus Christ and united with Him is not by building but by believing. The builders rejected the “headstone”; but “coming unto Christ” (1 Peter 2), simply believing, “ye , as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house.” When we go about the works of the law we are trying to build, and as long as we build we are not built. When we give up working, then by faith the Holy Spirit adds us to Christ, and grafts us into the living Vine, who is also the foundation. We are rooted and grounded. The house is one, and all the children of God are united in the Spirit. Some are strong and are pillars, others are weak and rest upon those whom God has appointed to be strong, and to support and encourage the feeble. “None liveth unto himself; and if one member suffer, all the members suffer with it.” If one grows and rejoices, it is for the good of the whole. The glory of the Lord is to show itself in the whole church, thus united by the indwelling Spirit. But not merely does God dwell in the church as a whole, it is the peculiarity; of everything spiritual that every part of it is again a whole. Not only is it true, that “wheresoever two or three are gathered together” in Christ’s name, He is in the midst of them; but if a single person loves Him, the Father will love him, and will come and make His abode with him. An individual is thus also a temple, a habitation filled with the Holy Spirit. The Father and the Lord Jesus Christ dwell in him. Israel could understand this because it was symbolized by the temple, and the reality and substance of the symbol was also promised to them in the days of the Messiah. For what was the promise of the new covenant? “I will dwell in them, and they in me.” What a marvelous idea is here presented to us! A Christian is like the tabernacle; he is a sanctuary. There is the holy of holies, the holy place, and the outer court. But in all, the glory of God is to be revealed; the holiness of God to be shown forth. His body is the Lord’s; the members of his body are Christ’s members. His eyes, his lips, his feet, all the physical energies which God has given unto him, are a part of the house in which the Father and the Lord Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, take up their abode.
His reason, memory, imagination, affections, will, conscience, all that is in him, behold, it is a house where God is to dwell. God is to walk in it, to dwell in it, to rest in it. He is to be not merely a visitor, but an indwelling guest, “abiding in him.” Sometimes God will convert this wonderful dwelling-place into His temple, and there will be heard the voice of prayer and praise. Sometimes He changes it into a banqueting-hall, and there will be heard the voice of rejoicing and the melody of thanksgiving, the assurance of that love which is better than wine. Sometimes it becomes a battlefield, and the Lord is a man-of-war, and conquers the enemies of the worm Jacob, and succors the saint who is tempted. How manifold are the mansions in which He dwells! As there are many mansions in the Father’s house above, as there are many mansions in His Church below, so also are there many rooms in the spiritual house of the individual believer; in various manifestations of grace, strength, and love, does God dwell in us. You who believe in Jesus are His house, His own; for as the Father appointed Him to be Mediator, as the Father laid the foundation in Zion, so Jesus the Lord bought you with His own blood, and sent into your hearts, His own Spirit. We are emphatically Christ’s.
I will not let you find fault with your bodies, because He made them. You may find as much fault as you like with the flesh, but that is not your bodies. Our bodies are “members of Christ.” Christendom has fallen into the great mistake of making our bodies members of the church, which is quite contrary to scripture: “We are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones.” “FOOD FOR THE DESERT”

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