Aug 18, 2017

Aug 18, 2017 Karla’s Blog
The lesson we are studying today is that when we except Christ as our savior, and make that choice to follow Him, we are a new person. The old you, died on that cross with Christ. Then arose to go and sin no more. We are to be different people, if not we would be making a mockery out of all that is holy. This new person believes in God and has a relationship with Him. So we do not do the things that we did before while living in sin. Perhaps we should start a new tradition where we have a ceremonial funeral showing everyone you have ever known that the person they knew is dead, you are a new person now. This version of you is different. You can go into a Godly witness protection program. Everyone will expect you to be different, and no you won’t hang out with the same people as before, because you will want to be inspired to do Godly acts, and not revert back to that life of sin. You had no future there, and no hope.
When you encounter someone in your daily life who you’ve been told is a new Christian,  show them support and love. No longer judge them by their old actions, God doesn’t, so why should we? It can be difficult to except someone who may have persecuted you in the past, but just remember their old self died, this is a new person. The Trinity of Father God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy spirit, are the only sinless beings. Therefore the only ones capable of judging sin. We have to quit pointing fingers at others and every time we are tempted, take it as an opportunity to find something in our own lives that needs to be more like Christ. Then we will be continuously growing into a better version of ourselves.
I pray you all have a wonderful weekend, and please set aside some time for God, and Godly works.  Please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:

For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus made me free from the law of sin and death. ROMANS 8:2, KJV What was done by God the Father and accomplished by the Son becomes a reality and a personal experience only as we assent and consciously, believingly look to the Holy Spirit, who lives in us, to make it a vital experience in our lives. The Holy Spirit can do nothing until by faith we lay hold of it (i.e., the knowledge that our old man was crucified with Christ, my old self, my self pride, in fact all that I received from Adam by my birth, all that I am apart from Christ). When we give assent to this truth, though we cannot see the reality of it in our lives, the Holy Spirit is able to and does make this an actual experience for us. As we stand on this truth, the Holy Spirit is able to lead us into a personal, practical experience of crucifixion with Christ… Our having been crucified with Christ has to make the body of sin of none effect while we live by faith, but it can instantly become active and dominate in the life of a believer when faith becomes dormant and inactive… Will you not now bow before God and thank Him that you were crucified with Christ, begin to thank Him regardless of feeling! It may take a month or a day I do not know how long, but I do know that when any child of God will believe and begin to express that faith in thanksgiving, day by day thanking Him for the fact which one may not yet have experienced, the Holy Spirit will lead that one into a glorious personal experience. Then from the heart he can say “For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus made me free from the law of sin and death.”
Here lies the precious secret of holy living. We are dead to sin; alive to God. The reign of sin is over. What has sin to do with a dead man? Nothing. Well, then, the believer has died with Christ; he was buried with Christ; he is risen with Christ, to walk in newness of life. He lives under the precious reign of grace, and he has his fruit unto holiness. The man who draws a plea from the abundance of divine grace to live in sin, denies the very foundation of Christianity. “How shall we that have died to sin, live any longer therein?” Impossible. It would be a denial of the whole Christian standing. To imagine the Christian as one who is to go on, from day to day, week to week, month to month, and year to year, sinning and repenting, sinning and repenting, is to degrade Christianity and falsify the whole Christian position. To say that a Christian must go on sinning because he has the flesh in him is to ignore the death of Christ in one of its grand aspects, and to give the lie to the whole of the apostle’s teaching in Romans 6-8. C. H. MACKINTOSH

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