Aug 11, 2017 Karla’s Blog

Aug 11, 2017 Karla’s Blog
This is a wonderful reminder that God has our back, we have no reason to be downcast. We are children of the creator, we are due to inherit our place in Heaven and be happy forever more.
What does it say for God, when Christians walk around all sad and mopey all the time, we should remember our place, our mission on this earth. This world treated the Savior horribly too, but He never went around sad and depressed, so in this as well, let us model the behavior of Christ. If thinking about heaven doesn’t put you in a better mood, than I can’t imagine what would.
Thanks for sharing this time with me today, please enjoy this devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:

Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my savior and my God. PSALM 42:5 How is it that Christians are often cast down? I mean not so much pressed sore because of the toils, and the sorrows, and the griefs of the way, but downcast in heart as before God in their thoughts of the Lord, and forgetful of their associations with heaven. Why is there a cloud, a dimness, a want of the full and fresh joy of Him they belong to, and where they belong to, filling the heart? It is precisely because they fail to look up now into heaven by the Spirit, and so fail to look down on the world as a wilderness, however much the streams of living water may flow through them. They forget what Jesus has given them; they look on earth as a desirable place. Why should not Christ be exalted here? Why should not He and we have a name of glory here now? Not so: His hour is not yet come; nor is ours either; for we are one with Him. Here man’s hour was to Him scorn, rejection, and death. This was His lot among man. Ours, too, is to be nothing here; it is to be utterly despised now, and hated of men. Is there anything better in this world? Is there any even to compare with what Christ Himself had? He knew it as none ever can; but at least we may by His own grace be attached and cleave to Him, and so be drawn into and appreciate it in our small measure. WILLIAM KELLY  There are some Christians who seem to be afraid of enjoying all the rays of the Son of Righteousness. They are afraid of being too happy. Perhaps some of us have not really considered that “joy” is itself a part of that fruit by which the Father is glorified. There is nothing to be gained by despondency. Doubts are not marks of humility; unbelief is really evidence of pride. And there is no cloud that so effectively shuts out the glad sunshine of our gracious Father’s face as the thick cloud of unbelief.
When we once get the Lord for our beginning; we may have Him in an all-sufficient way all the way through life. The more we trust Him today the easier it will be to trust Him tomorrow. Doubts are Amalekites, against which we must wage a bitter war of extermination if we would enjoy undisputed possession of our inheritance in the land flowing with milk and honey. It is only when our faith is mixed with doubt that we can be anxious about what is to come. A blessed thing about life in Christ is, that we may not only have peace in the beginning, but all the way through. ELIJAH P. BROWN

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