July 29, 2017

July 29th 2017 Karla’s Blog
I had to read through today’s devotional a few times before I could fully grasp what it was trying to teach me. God has Love, and Christ and the holy spirit are all part of the trinity of the God head. All equal partners working together to make life as perfect and sin free as possible. God is love, there is no doubt in our minds that God loves us after all He has done for mankind. With Love there can be no fear, because it is pure sinless love. So if we have fear in our heart or our lives, then we are not as one with our God. We must work to strengthen our relationship with God, so we will feel His unconditional love. Like being surrounded in a hug that never ends, but at the same time does not force you to stay in that protective place. There is always healing and unconditional love, forgiveness, and a pure fresh start just by going to God and opening your heart. This relationship like any other requires both parties to participate and give. So we have to do our part to maintain the strength of the relationship, and each day as it grows stronger we see a new side of how amazing it is to be in a close relationship with God.  He only ever wants the best for us, and if we listen He will tell you what to do when you are lost and confused. He will show you the road to take, He is always there with arms stretched out ready to hold you and welcome you home. You choose if your life is full of gifts from God because you listen and follow His word, or difficulty because you are dealing with the consequences of doing the wrong thing, it is all a choice that you make. The more time you spend listening and following His word and direction, is the less time you will be suffering through the consequences of doing the wrong thing. The sinful act does not go away because you are sorry and have repented. You are forgiven yes,  but if you spent the whole day being mad and hammering nails into your front door, then realized how wrong it was to act out in that temperament so you remove those nails, the wholes are still going to be in the door.  When it rains you are going to have to deal with cleaning up and blocking out water. Then you will have to do without things you may want to do because you have to save money to get a new door so your family isn’t suffering from the weather because of your act in anger. So we still have to deal with what we did in sin,  but God has forgiven us for the act.
So this shows us that we each have to choose how we live our life, and the longer it takes for us to come to God, the more consequences we will have to suffer through. So make your choices wisely.
Thanks for sharing your Saturday with me. I pray you all have a great day and find some beauty in the world around you. Please enjoy today’s devotional from His Victorious Indwelling:

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The man who fears is not made perfect in love. 1 JOHN 4:17-18 One of the ways in which the blood of God come to have such sovereign virtue in the sinner’s conscience is this: when our consciences toward one another are wounded, and are full of remorse and fear, nothing will heal the wound and restore peace between man and man, nothing but a great uprising of love between the alienated parties. But if a great enough uprising and outgoing of love takes place between them, then not only is the lost peace restored, but those who were once such enemies are henceforth far better friends than ever they were before. And the same noble law of reconciling love holds even more in the world of sin and salvation. The blood of God the Son is such a manifestation of divine love toward the sinner that nothing can resist it. No guilt, no remorse, no terror, no suspicion, can stand out against the love of God in the blood of His only begotten Son. It is not so much our Savior’s payment of the uttermost farthing of our debt that heals our horrified consciences. It is not His atoning blood even that so pacifies, and so conquers, and gives such peace to the guilty conscience. It is only the love of God as seen in the atonement that can do all that. And if there are still any of the dregs of remorse, and terror, and irreconcilability, and suspicion in your conscience toward God, it is not because His blood is not of volume and virtue enough to wash away all your sins, but it is because you do not open your heart wide enough and deep enough to receive His love. For there is no fear in love. But perfect love on God’s part to you, awakening on your part a corresponding love to God, such perfect love on both sides, drives out all possible fear, so much so, that he that feareth is not made perfect in love. Fellow Christian, I recommend this great Scripture for every guilty conscience and corrupt heart. For, times and occasions without number, when every other scripture has threatened to fail myself, this scripture has been a rock and a refuge to me. The very awfulness of the word used again and again silenced the almost as awful accusation of my conscience and the almost as awful despair of my heart. The Blood of God has an inward, and an experiential, and an all-satisfying evidence to me, and I recommend it to you with all my heart. ALEXANDER WHYTE

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