July 23, 2017

July 23, 2017 Karla’s Blog
This is a powerful message today. I had a painful night and as of yet haven’t been able to sleep. So reading the devotional really brought me home. I love how it explained that regular people, not just the well educated, or the ones who have spent years in service and learning about our Lord, all know equally when He shows them something. When He directs our movements, or reminds us that our sinful behavior is not ok and we will be held accountable for it. Most especially when we know what the bible says but we continue with our sinful nature. Anyone can maneuver words around to convince themselves they are not in the wrong. Mostly we blame it on the world around us, or think that we deserve some love and attention, because we have had a hard time recently. Never acknowledging that our life is rough due to repercussions of our own sinful actions. So we continue to do what we want telling ourselves God wants us to be happy and loved, and we were trying to find that love we are craving. However sinful acts will never being about true happiness. Maybe a few smiles but not the true connection we crave from another person who is committed to us. We desperately want love and commitment. We want to feel like we are not alone in this world. Our desire to attain this is the number one reason we sin. What we are searching for, we will never have, unless we have a relationship with God. No one can ever be all that we want and continue to be faithful and loving if they don’t have God in their heart. It is His true forgiveness and grace that allow us to be able to have constant fresh starts when we make mistakes. His true love for us, even with His Son suffering on a cross to pay for our sins, He continues to love us and grant us Mercy. So many people will say “I deserve some happiness, and God will understand I wanted to feel loved.” We don’t get what we deserve, and for this alone we should be on our knees thanking God for not letting us suffer for our actions the way we do deserve. It is God’s grace that doesn’t give you what you deserve, even more, He grants you many opportunities you could never earn. What have you done for the Lord that was worth the gift of a child? Our dearest gift that many of us see for the first time, as from God to you. You can’t earn them, yet with your child comes great responsibility to raise them in the church so they can have that background inbedded in their very souls so that when they hit the bottom wholes in life, they can find their way out again. If you are given a child and choose not to raise them in church so they might learn the ways of the Lord, God, then how can they learn how to behave as decent people? Before you start judging your parents, they have already realized this, asked for forgiveness and been granted their reprieve. It is all on your shoulders now with your children. When you know better and yet continue to do wrong, I believe we will be strictly punished for this behavior. Not that we can’t be forgiven but that you will suffer consequences for those choices that you made. Then when you finally reach your point of truly giving yourself to God and you want to reach out to your child, they will not have the deep respect for you that they would have had, had they been raised in the church being told to honor our parents. Not that they are always right, but that they are forgiven and further down that road toward Him and true happiness. Children today do not respect their elders because they are not taught to. Each generation getting further away from the church. Excepting more and more sin as normal. Not that they should judge others, but that they know it is wrong because it isn’t following the way God Himself told us to behave. Then when our world is falling apart, we know it is because of our choices and our actions. We need to start begging God to not give us what we deserve, but instead give us grace and forgiveness before it is too late. Their will come a time when it will be too late. It will be no ones fault but our own, because we gave everything else priority over God. Saying “I want to live my life and be wicked and wild and then when I get old and gray, I can worry about being sorry and doing the right thing”. There will be millions who are turned away at judgement for this very reason, thinking they had time to get it right with God. There is no excuse, no second chance, not anyone else to blame but ourselves. No comparing ourselves to others saying they did so much worse. The point is you knew better and yet you chose not to act accordingly. You didn’t put Him first. He tells us He is a jealous God and wants nothing to come before Him. Not too much to ask considering all He has done for us.
Think on that today. It’s the weekend. Think on your choices and ask yourself this moment if He came, would you be ready? Have you got it all right with God? Have you been forgiven, because you said this was wrong and I knew it was wrong, and I am sorry and most importantly, I will not do it again. I will turn from my wicked ways.
I truly hope to see you there. Please enjoy today’s devotional message from His Victorious Indwelling:

When he was at the table with them, he took bread, gave thanks, broke it and began to give it to them. Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him, and he disappeared from their sight. They asked each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?” LUKE 24:30-32
Of what value to Christ is outward service, if love be wanting? Of what value to the Bridegroom would the rigid observance of her duties be, if the bride were cold in her heart toward him? A church without heart, is a church without Christ. Beloved, let us see well to this. Let nothing satisfy us short of the living realized presence of Christ within us. No ministry, however excellent, can supply the lack of this; neither will truth itself nourish the soul, unless the power of Him who is the Truth be present to minister it. We need to exhort one another respecting this, for these are days when the itching ear is more common than the glowing heart, and the teacher is often more sought than the Lord. Thus Christ is, as it were, often supplanted in His own house. It is not difficult to discern the power of the Lord’s presence in our meetings; the unlettered believer is as competent to ascertain this as the most instructed. The two disciples on their way to Emmaus were very ignorant, but their hearts were occupied with the right object. Christ was the subject of their mutual intercourse as they journeyed on together. They loved Him, they had lost Him, and were sad. Soon He joined Himself to their company, because He knew that they were occupied with Him. His presence was felt, though they knew but little; and their hearts burned within them by the way. So shall we also find it to be the case, if our hearts are occupied with Christ and Him crucified; the presence of the Lord with us will be realized, and our souls will be filled rather with the blessedness of having been with Him, than with questions as to the ministry we may have heard.
We have also to remember, that in one sense we are always in the Church; it is not merely when we assemble together in the Lord’s name, that we then form a part of the church of God; but in private, as well as public, we still belong to that body which the Lord has redeemed with His own blood, and consequently our whole life should have constant reference to our union with all the saints of God. “CRUMBS FOR THE LORD’S LITTLE ONES”

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